Elder Care Companions

How do we define an elder care companion?

Many of our parents are aging and require more assistance than we can provide comfortably. This said, they aren’t to a point where assisted living is needed. We help our clients hover this space with the placement of an elder care companion.

We list these positions between $25-35/hr, depending on the requirements of our clients and experience and certifications brought to the table by the elder care companions. Example: sometimes our elder care companions hold a nursing degree or CNA degree. They typically require more by way of compensation.

Triangle Elder Care Companions are known for being:

Confident, full of humility, and discreet.

Resourceful, thorough, diligent.

Kind, patient, and easy going.

Passionate about safety and mindfulness.

Able to let frustrations roll right off their shoulders.

Calm, capable, and adaptable.

What falls into the Elder Care Companion bucket?

Companionship: Providing social interaction, engaging in conversation, reading aloud, playing games, or participating in hobbies and activities that the elder enjoys.

Basic Home Tasks: Assisting with light housekeeping duties like cleaning, laundry, and organizing to maintain a pleasant living environment.

Meal Preparation: Cooking nutritious meals and assisting with feeding, if necessary.

Medication Reminders: Reminding the elder to take their medications at the prescribed times.

Errands and Shopping: Running errands such as grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, or accompanying the elder to appointments and social outings.

Mobility Assistance: Helping with walking, getting in and out of bed or chairs, and providing support with mobility aids like walkers or wheelchairs.

Personal Care Assistance: Assisting with basic personal care needs like dressing, grooming, and bathing, depending on the level of need.

Monitoring Health: Observing the elder's physical and emotional condition and reporting any significant changes to family members or healthcare professionals.

Encouraging Physical Activity: Depending on the elder's health status, encouraging and assisting with light exercises to help maintain mobility and overall health.

Emotional Support: Providing a listening ear and emotional support, and helping the elder cope with feelings of loneliness or depression.

Safety Supervision: Ensuring the elder’s environment is safe, which may include checking for hazards and assisting in making modifications to prevent falls.

Our elder care companions are highly retained by our clients- with an average retention of 4-5+ years.

Our process is simple:

1. Fill out our application here.

2. We’ll schedule a chat with you to make sure we’re a great fit for your needs. 

3. We’ll meet with you to understand your family and needs.

4. We search for your perfect match.

5. We introduce you to candidates.

6. You pull together your hiring templates and make an offer.

7. We support you after the hire!

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