Private Educators

How do we define a private educator?

A private educator, often referred to as a private tutor or personal teacher, is a professional who provides individualized instruction and educational support to a learner (or learners) outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Many of our clients elected to hire these individuals and form “pods” during the 2020-2021 COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we see clients hiring these individuals when they are interested in forming homeschooling groups. We think this is a great way of homeschooling kiddos while providing access to socialization and community.

We list these positions at $30-50/hr in annual compensation depending on the needs of our clients and scope of duties. When regular traveling is required, consider the higher end of the range.

Triangle Private Educators are known for being:

Brilliant, detail-oriented, and direct.

Warm and nurturing.

Strong advocates for individualized learning plans.

Passionate about the Montessori, Reggio, Waldorf, and Forest School pedagogies.

Patient, adaptable, and reliable.

What falls into the Private Educators bucket?

Personalized Instruction: Tailoring teaching methods and educational content to the specific learning style, pace, and interests of the student.

Academic Support: Assisting students with school subjects, homework, test preparation, and study skills. They may focus on particular subjects where the student needs additional help.

Enrichment Education: Providing advanced learning opportunities in subjects of interest or talent beyond what is covered in the student's regular school curriculum.

Special Needs Education: Working with students who have special educational needs, such as learning disabilities, to provide customized support and learning strategies.

Mentoring and Guidance: Acting as a mentor to students, guiding them in academic choices, college preparation, career planning, and personal development.

Flexible Scheduling: Offering flexibility in scheduling to accommodate the student’s and family’s timetable.

One-on-One Attention: Providing undivided attention to address the individual student's questions and concerns, which is often not possible in a traditional classroom setting.

Progress Monitoring: Continually assessing the student's progress and adjusting teaching strategies to ensure effective learning.

Parental Involvement: Communicating regularly with parents or guardians about the student's progress, challenges, and achievements.

Educational Resources: Utilizing and sometimes providing additional educational resources such as textbooks, online materials, and educational tools to enhance learning.

Our private educators usually work for 2-3 years on average. We also have clients who hire someone for one semester at a time. These shorter term placements are often seen if children are struggling in school or wind up needing to take a semester off for medical reasons.

Our process is simple:

1. Fill out our application here.

2. We’ll schedule a chat with you to make sure we’re a great fit for your needs. 

3. We’ll meet with you to understand your family and needs.

4. We search for your perfect match.

5. We introduce you to candidates.

6. You pull together your hiring templates and make an offer.

7. We support you after the hire!

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