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"My Girl Friday is an awesome nanny placement agency. Austin did a great job with understanding my particular needs and provided a top notch placement. As a single father of 3 active boys, this service is absolutely necessary. Everyone at My Girl Friday provides excellent personal service and I know they will always be there to have my family's back with any need that comes up. Thanks MGF!"
Jeff Turpin
Google Review
"You know those times when they say the “universe is conspiring for you?” Well...ooof. 2020 was not those times for us 🤦🏽‍♀️. And in the midst of an OMG-did-that-really-happen & two nanny transitions in 5 months, MGF was unflappable 💃🏻. Austin and her team never faltered as they helped our family get back on our feet. To us they are 💯; they are compassionate, collaborative, creative partners that stick it out for as long as it takes to get nanny-family nirvana 🥰. And now 2021? We.Got.This. 🙌"
Morgan Camu
Facebook Review
"We had a great nanny within a week! Very happy with placement and assistance in everything that needs to be in place. Well worth the investment!"
Dr. George Dignan
Google Review
"I reached out to My Girl Friday after a recommendation from a coworker. We were in dire straights as our daycare had closed due to COVID and my husband and I had been juggling two full time jobs and two VERY busy toddlers for months. My Girl Friday was the best value I could have gotten. They held our hands through the entire process, were always available to answer any questions we had (this was our first time ever working with a nanny). Danielle and Austin made it soooo easy and foolproof - even in this incredibly stressful time. Additionally, we ended up having to interview again after our first hire, and they supported us and were ready with additional candidates immediately. Our current childcare provider is an exceptional fit - and would never have found her if it wasn't for this amazing company (plus they referred us to a payroll company so I don't even have to figure that out!). This stressed out parent is so grateful for their help - if you are on the fence - they are worth every penny!!!"
Christy Zigler, Ph.D.
Google Review
"Beyond happy with our experience with My Girl Friday! From our first few calls with Austin to Danielle’s ongoing support throughout the interview and placement process, we were so impressed by how attuned they were to our family’s needs and how responsive they were to our feedback and questions every step of the way. They go to extraordinary levels - working around the clock for their families and nannies - to make sure it’s a wonderful mutual fit. I’m not kidding about around the clock - literally, weekends, evenings etc. Unparalleled customer service. For us, Danielle, the placement director, took the extra time to truly listen and help guide us in placing us with an incredible nanny! This was no small task especially during this time of COVID when many families like ours are looking for that “unicorn” who is not only an amazing fit for your family but is on the same page as you relative to personal COVID considerations/precautions. I highly, highly recommend!"
Katie Simons Pahner
Google Review
"As a busy family with two working parents, two kiddos and one fur baby, our life often felt like a never ending sprint. When I read about the idea of a Family Assistant on the My Girl Friday website, a lightbulb went off! That is exactly what we need!"
Martha Newport
Google Review
"We spoke with My Girl Friday, and they quickly offered us a number of really great nanny options for our family. Being a military family, finding someone that was willing to become part of our family and be a valuable resource when my husband was traveling was INSTRUMENTAL in our search. Our nanny has been with us for almost two years now, and we adore her. In addition to providing us with this amazing resource/family member, they have been more than willing to offer advice and guidance whenever we have had questions about how to handle various situations, like nanny compensation, COVID, etc. Amazing search firm and resource! Love, love, love!"
Jenny Zador
Facebook Review
"My Girl Friday Team (specifically Austin and Danielle) found our perfect placement! The candidate they presented (and we ultimately hired) is everything we could ask for or hope in a nanny. She's been with us 1 week now, and I wouldn't change anything about our arrangement. She stepped into the role with grace, care, and attention at a time of pure chaos. We had been solo juggling 2 full-time jobs and caring for our 3 and 1 yr old, so needless to say we were in survival mode and not exactly on an ideal schedule. She worked with us to establish a schedule that optimized their nighttime sleep and made us all happy. Our nanny truly is an AMAZING person, and I'm so glad we went with MGF since they connected us. I can't thank you all enough for finding her for us! We'd truly be lost without her and she has already proven herself to be an integral part of our family."
Brittany Speer
Google Review
"I LOVED my experience with My Girl Friday! I had very specific needs for my nanny and between Austin, the founder and Leanne I was able to find my perfect nanny. This nanny agency isn’t like others. They do an in depth background check on every nanny, no matter what. They work with your schedule on interviews, not the other way around. They provide great support on how to structure your agreement. They check in on you after the nanny has been placed. It’s a full service company! Thank you My Girl Friday! I feel confident with my nanny and you made the process streamlined and so much easier than expected."
Christmas Abbott
Google Review
"We moved to the area a couple of years ago (away from family & support). We found MGF and it has been a breeze as both of us are working professionals we are able to have high quality of care in our home! Most mothers dread the thought of going back to work or leaving their child, but I can tell you this experience has been very positive for our family dynamic. We have subs for when our full time nanny is off or sick- which is huge when you really can't afford to miss a day (or week) out of work. Our nanny has truly become a part of our family. I don't know what we would have done without Austin, thank-you!"
Kathy Colby
Facebook Review
"My Girl Friday did an excellent job listening and pairing my family with a nanny that fit our needs. Efficient and easy. Highly recommend."
Michael Anderson
Google Review
"This agency takes all of the guess work out of finding a nanny. Austin (the owner) provides a personalized experience for each new set of parents by getting to know them and then finding them the perfect nanny. Her agency took care of background checks, references, and setting up interviews. Any time we've had a need for coverage, she is there to provide a back up - an ABSOLUTE must for a two physician family like ours with no family in town. Everyone we work with uses this agency and the experience across the board has been phenomenal. I can't say enough good things about Austin and her agency!"
Dr. Rachel Anolik
Google Review
"My wife and I are a Doctor-Doctor couple. Our busy lives make reliable, high quality child care incredibly important. My Girl Friday provided us with an excellent nanny who perfectly meets our families' needs. Our nanny keeps our house together. She has never been late or called in sick. She takes phenomenal care of our infant. In addition to finding a superb nanny, the floater service lets us have total peace of mind that we will never have to cancel clinics and even lets us go on the occasional date! Simply put, they are worth every penny and the ongoing services makes them a downright bargain."
Dr. Edward Powers
Google Review
"I couldn’t say enough great things about My Girl Friday, Austin Macfarlane (the business owner), and our experience with the service. My husband and I have two wonderful, but very active, small boys and demanding jobs. We heavily rely on our nanny to not only care for our boys but also to keep our house in working order. Finding the perfect fit is a daunting task, but Austin and MGF made the process so easy, finding us top-notch candidates, and ultimately, an amazing nanny who we completely trust, is wonderful to be around, and is well-loved by our whole family! MGF’s service didn’t stop at finding us the perfect nanny, as Austin also connected us with some fantastic floaters for back-up and weekend care who my boys adore. The attention to detail, the amazing sense of what each family needs, and the huge network of very talented nannies sets MGF’s business apart from all the other services we have used in the past. I would highly recommend MGF!"
Betsy Cook Lanzen
Google Review
"For this working mama (whose husband travels), the MGF team has been a total life-changer! Gone are the days of the ongoing childcare stress I felt for years. Our nanny is wonderful, and MGF's Floater Service has saved us from curveballs thrown our way. I am so glad we found them and decided to use their services! Owner Austin Macfarlane is a gem, as is Leanne Wells. THANK YOU!!"
Amy Rosso
Facebook Review
"My Girl Friday worked very closely with us on finding the perfect nanny/household manager match for our family. They were patient with us after interviewing more than five nannies, but when we found the one it was worth the wait!! Leanne was especially helpful and accessible whenever we had questions or concerns. Thank you ladies!! Our nanny/household manager has become a true part of our family!"
Morgan Sill Henis
Facebook Review
"My Girl Friday is a fantastic agency. We are a dual career couple, with somewhat crazy schedules and 3 children. Austin, Jeremy and the team understood immediately! From helping us articulate our needs to sending us incredibly talented candidates to supporting us through the contracting process, My Girl Friday could not have been better! We have also had to use the floater nanny service - what an incredible “peace of mind” giving option! Could not recommend more highly!"
Bryony Winn
Google Review
"As a single mother and resident physician childcare has always been the most stressful aspect of my life. I have struck out time and time again with various babysitters, au pair programs, and finding local nannies on my own. I was beginning to lose hope when a friend of mine recommended that I try to hire a nanny through My Girl Friday. I gave Austin (the owner) a call the following day and immediately knew that I found a solution. Austin is knowledgeable, honest, and kind. She took the time to discuss the process and answer all of my questions. I felt so comfortable and impressed by her expertise that I signed a contract with My Girl Friday that same day. Most parents are looking for the “perfect nanny.” We all want those “unicorns” who will teach, love, and care for our children like their own. Well, I was not only looking for a “unicorn” I needed the “unicorn” to move into my home within a week given my demanding work schedule. I was asking for the impossible. However, Austin and Danielle made it happen. Danielle came to my home for a social distanced meeting to learn more about my daughter and myself. Within 90 minutes she was able to gather enough information to write an outstanding nanny job advertisement. Austin and Danielle worked overtime and filtered out over 20 candidates to find the perfect fit for my daughter and I. My Girl Friday is a wonderful company that is dedicated to finding the right nanny for your children. The hiring process is so easy and most importantly stress free. They do all of the heavy lifting which is important for us busy parents who already have enough on our plates between pandemics, home schooling, cooking, cleaning, working, and all of the other joys that come with being an adult. Their floater program gives working parents a sense of security regarding childcare as they are able to place a temporary nanny in your home for emergencies (nanny is sick, needs the day off etc..). I would recommend My Girl Friday to anyone who is looking to work with a group of amazing humans who truly know how to find the “unicorn” nanny we all could use in our lives."
Dr. Ashley Thrower
Facebook Review + Google Review
"A close friend, and happy client, referred me to MGF a few months ago when l was in the market for a new nanny and I’m so thankful for the relationship we’ve formed with Austin and My Girl Friday. From the beginning, Austin and team made an effort to get to know our family, to understand our lifestyle and the things that are important to us. The team ensured that we were comfortable with the selection process and agreement terms - it was a very fluid process that felt more like a partnership, which I appreciated. Thorough background and reference checks are performed - the one year guarantee and the on-call service (i.e. your primary nanny is sick, has family emergency, etc) is second to none. What continues to impress me most, is that the MGF leadership team is able to thoughtfully balance the interests and well being of both client families and caregivers without compromise. We’ve had a wonderful experience with Austin and her team and we continue to recommend My Girl Friday to family, friends and collegues for on-call and long term nannies."
Haley Leppla Tury
Google Review
"I have had the absolute best experience with MyGirlFriday. I have 15+ years of experience as a recruiter and recently decided to go part-time, wanting to leave the corporate world. With a past position as a nanny, I turned to MyGirlFriday for assistance with my job search. My recruiter, Danielle was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. She took her time getting to know me, making sure I was a good fit for the potential families before submitting my resume. After my offer (with an amazing family), she explained everything in great detail, answering all of my questions. MyGirlFriday cares about the people they work with and their futures. Great job! I highly recommend them to families and nannies looking for a top quality, professional agency."
Liz Ladd
Google Review
"This is what we busy, business women need to help us find reliable childcare. I am so very impressed. This brings child care to the professional level I would expect at my place of work while meeting everything I need as a parent. The one year guarantee is a life saver and the quality of candidates is exceptional. Working with MFG has been easy, reliable and a made this process a great experience!!!"
Sam Faraj
Facebook Review
"I was really nervous about signing with an agency, but my experience with My Girl Friday has been great. All the staff I’ve encountered seem connective and intuitive. I signed with another agency more than 6 months ago and hadn’t heard from them after a month of interviewing. Within 2 months of working with MGF, I found a job!"
Timorow Dobbins
Google Review
"The best, most wonderful, professional nannying agency there is. My Girl Friday has gone above and beyond to ensure that my next family placement was everything I needed, and found the PERFECT fit for my next job! They have continuously gone out of their way to ensure that I felt valued as a professional and supported as we found the perfect fit. I’m so thankful for Danielle, Austin and the entire MGF team for going the extra mile to make sure I had everything I needed. They were easy to work with, incredibly communicative, extremely professional and knowledgeable, and made the match process genuinely enjoyable!"
Anna Woodhouse
Facebook Review
"Our experience with My Girl Friday was great. The process to find a nanny was a bit longer than we anticipated (had to talk with so many candidates) but team did a phenomenal job of finding candidates that fits our posting. We are especially impressed by Courtney (Placement Director) who helped us in every step: understanding and defining what kind of help we need and the ideal nanny we would like to have. The communication with nannies were sometimes challenging, but team itself was pretty well organized. Interviews are scheduled quickly and also they replied all our questions quite fast, both over email and over phone. We were very skeptical about whether we can find the help we need. Big thanks to MGF team for making it happen, and helping us to find the best nanny ever! Will definitely keep working with them in future."
Sertalp Cay
Google Review
"The team at My Girl Friday has been exceptional! Our experience with MGF outshines every other path we took trying to find a nanny (and we tried quite a few). From the initial discovery call, through interviewing, to helping us with floater coverage, and even after our (perfect) placement, the team has been supportive, very professional, and fun. They were able to meet our unique needs without hesitation. We've recommended them to others and will continue to do so!"
Ash Wisner
Google Review
"We found the best nanny/addition to our family through MGF! For us, the vetting process they go through before we interviewed a candidate was absolutely worth the investment in hiring them. Also, the year long guarantee you receive in finding the right fit if the first placement doesn’t work out also was critical for us. We didn’t find the right fit until our second hire and we have now learned in the 3 years of experience we have with welcoming a nanny into our home - it’s a process and can take time : ) Thankfully during the process, MGF has a pool of floater Nannies that can help temporarily and/or at short notice. We recently used this service and were incredibly impressed at how quickly they were able to find us help. Their team members are gold and truly care about the families they are helping!"
Misha Manuchehri Byrd
Google Review
"I’ve had a great experience so far as a nanny/family assistant! I looked at a lot of other agencies and MGF is definitely the best in the area for both nannies and families! They are really thorough in their onboarding and do a great job of helping both parties through the placement process. They also have the best jobs available because they make sure the families they work with meet certain standards for rate, PTO, etc. Most if not all jobs come with guaranteed hours which is a HUGE game changer for me as someone who has worked hourly as a nanny for so long. MGF is an incredible team of women and everyone I’ve worked with has been so kind and helpful! The process took about a month from registering to signing on with a family. I love the family I work for now and I’m so grateful for MGF!"
Blythe McMillan
Google Review
We used MGF for our first night out as new parents and we’ve been loyal ever since. My wife was really nervous leaving our firstborn for the first time and also prefers things be done a specific way. It was also a close friend’s birthday that we hadn’t seen in a long time and we really wanted to make it to their event. To make matters a little more complicated, we were also out of town. Austin, Danielle, and their crew really pulled through for us. They researched multiple candidates for us so we had a choice of more than one person to watch our 6 month old, and both MGF and the nanny were super responsive and on point when meeting with us to answer questions and field concerns. I really couldn’t recommend them more. We now utilize the agency for part time needs and the nannies we’ve been introduced to are really special. Our children love them. This agency makes parenthood a little easier and let’s be honest, this isn’t an easy chapter of our lives. Raising kids is hard work and it’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day and forget to ask for occasional reprieve and help.
Cody Haskell
Google Review
"After 6 years with one nanny, it was time to move on. But how do you move on when you have two kids now, and something basic like planning summer camps requires market research you thought your girlfriends were just whining about before the first one was born and your own practice is now ten times busier? Ugh. Care.com? MORE WORK for me. No thank you. I went with My Girl Friday. Pay the fee, let them do the work. THEY DO THE WORK. Austin hustles for your family. Her COO, Danielle, came to my house after work and interviewed ME AND THE KIDS. I got resume after resume of well vetted candidates. Did I love them all? No. Were they an upgrade from my current nanny? YES. BUT, they never suggested that I settle. When I got frustrated after a handful of interviews (I am not a patient woman) they said hang in there, we have a UNICORN for you. Whenever I texted them in panic, they texted me with zen. The process was as chill as this can be. And did I get a magical Unicorn? I did. After maybe 7 interviews, they found the absolute best right fit. I’m writing this review because my new nanny and my kids hung out today for the first time and it was the easiest, calmest day in my chaotic tornado life. Also, they have a back-up nanny system that provides security in times of trouble or illness and a one year guarantee, those things helped me write the check. I fly coach, its fine, it’s just a vehicle, but I chose executive level private charter for making this transition. MyGirlFriday is that. I recommend."
Dr. Kathleen Nissman
Email Review
"Words can’t express how wonderful Austin and the My Girl Friday team has been to us. I had been searching for a nanny for quite some time with no luck. I called MGF and spoke to Austin. I immediately felt a relief. I quickly spilled out what I was looking for and she was confident she and her team could help us. MGF has not only helped me find an amazing nanny for our family, but has been an incredible resource for us. Austin, Leanne and the My Girl Friday team went above and beyond for us in our search. They continue to educate us and provide expert advise when new situations arise (COVID-19). I consider them to be experts in household placement and an innovative company who is influencing the nanny industry. Austin still continues to check on us regularly. The MGF team truly cares in the long term success of the placement and happiness of the family. Most of all, I believe they care about the children. They take an extreme level of care in placing the right person with your children. I can’t recommend them enough."
Laura Cerami-Haidri
Google Review
"My Girl Friday is wonderful. We have used them to place multiple nannies with us, and every time, the process has gone very smoothly, and the results have been great! They have always been extremely responsive (even during off-hours and weekends), they have sent highly-qualified candidates, and they get a great feel for the needs and personality of the family. They are certainly worth the investment. We have found them to be the best nanny agency we have worked with (including some in larger cities)."
Evan Thorn
Google Review
"Austin and Leanne have been terrific! They found us an incredible nanny on a tight time line, and have been very helpful in finding temporary coverage on an as-needed basis. We've worked with other child care agencies in the past and My Girl Friday has by far been the best!"
Jordan Etkin
Google Review
"As full time working parents with family 500 miles away, Matt and I were looking for someone who could really get in and be engaged with our 2 energetic boys. I travel a lot for work and Matt is a teacher who leaves super early. We needed someone reliable, responsible, and someone that cared. More importantly, we needed someone to work with our hectic schedules. We met Austin, Katja, Maria, and Marian, and couldn't be happier. Austin takes the time to really understand your needs and matches families with the best fit nannies so it's a win win for everyone. Austin, you are amazing! Thank you for everything that you are doing to make it a little less stressful for working parents. "It takes a village" and we're happy you all are part of our village. Keep the emotions in it!"
Janine Sneed
Google Review
"My Girl Friday has been an amazing partner for my family. I can recommend them with the highest confidence. My wife and I were in a serious bind, and MGF came through for us—in many big ways. *The team responded to our (I'm sure what seemed like totally stressed-out) emails almost immediately—even on the weekends. They also hopped on the phone—again, even on the weekends—to help us create a path forward. *The team seemingly was always one step ahead of whatever questions we'd ask; it's almost like they knew what was coming. We figured they must've done this before. 😉 *MGF truly listens to your needs. Your family's needs are not falling on deaf ears. *Perhaps most importantly, MGF very quickly found our family an amazing nanny, someone we immediately knew we could embrace as part of our family. The team at MGF are true professionals in their craft. Nothing is more important to our family than the well being and care of our children. And I can genuinely say, without any hesitation, MGF has true customer champions in us. We love that they stand shoulder to shoulder with us. True partners. Go ahead and partner with MGF; you'll be so very glad you did. 👍"
Alex Krawchick
Google Review

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