Family Assistants/
Household Managers

How do we define a family assistant and household manager?

A family assistant is someone who blends together household care and childcare. Usually our clients look at this role once their kiddos are 5+ in age, because the kids being in school for a partial or full day frees up some time for the employee to get some household items tackled. We commonly see this role integrated into households where there are multiple children.

A household manager works primarily within the household components of your home with limited supervision of the children being required. They assist with errand running, meal prep, grocery shopping, talking with contractors, managing other household staff, and assisting with driving kiddos to and from activities.

We use these terms interchangeably and often times will advise on which fits best within the households we support.

Nailing the placement of these positions is KEY in the success of your household flow. Keep in mind, we've been running these placements for 12+ years and we'll guide you through the roles and responsibilities that work best when constructing the position!

Triangle Family Assistants and Household Managers are known for being:

Incredibly experienced.

Engaged and connective.

Organized, resourceful, and passionate about creating great systems.

Punctual, reliable, and safety-oriented.

“Let me get that for you” attitude.

What falls into the family assistant and household manager bucket?

Enrichment of the children’s lives.

Creating and executing developmentally appropriate activities.

Keeping up with tracking baby’s bowel movements, feeding schedule, and sleep habits on an app shared with their employers.

Cooking healthy meals for the kiddos and family and providing weekly menus for employers to approve.

Assisting with sleep training.

Assisting with feeding schedules.

Assisting with sanitizing bottles and breast pump parts.

Assistance with shipping returns through USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

Restocking changing table supplies.

Seasonally rotating kids' clothes.

Assistance with household chores.

Household laundry.

Changing of linens.

Grocery shopping.

Meal prep.

Pet assistance.

Errand running.

Household organization.

Management of other household staff.

Assisting with planning vacations for the family.

Plant care.

Assistance with vetting contractors for household maintenance issues.

The average retention of a full time family assistant or household manager through our firm is over 3.5+ years!

Our process is simple:

1. Fill out our application here.

2. We’ll schedule a chat with you to make sure we’re a great fit for your needs. 

3. We’ll meet with you to understand your family and needs.

4. We search for your perfect match.

5. We introduce you to candidates.

6. You pull together your hiring templates and make an offer.

7. We support you after the hire!

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