Nanny Relief Fund

How are we giving back to the community we care the most about?

In late March of 2020, Rachael L. Lubin responded to the escalating job losses and financial fears on her social media feeds due to COVID-19 by donating her Monday paycheck to those in dire need. Her initial call to action, inspired by the song "Today 4 U" from Rent, was a rallying cry for urgent, one-time financial gifts.

As the crisis unfolded, Rachael observed a worrying trend among nannies using their paid leave, only to face job losses as the pandemic continued. Recognizing the profound impact on the nanny community, she shifted her peer-to-peer giving initiative to focus entirely on them. Her March 30th post galvanized many nannies, who joined her in donating part of their weekly income to their unemployed peers.

It was during this groundswell of support that Austin Macfarlane, founder and CEO of our company, took notice of Rachael's altruistic efforts. Austin quickly reached out to Rachael, and within just 48 hours, they had rallied a formidable team of influential women from the nanny industry, along with a cadre of pro bono professional advisors, attorneys, and a branding specialist.

The birth of The Nanny Relief Fund was a collective triumph, fueled by the passion and dedication of a group of 'doers' including Austin Macfarlane, our company's founder and CEO. Austin, alongside a dynamic team of influential women from the nanny industry and a group of pro bono professional advisors, attorneys, and a branding specialist, played a vital role in shaping this compassionate idea into a sustainable non-profit. This organization is a testament to the power of collaboration, with a mission to support the nanny community through this crisis and any future challenges. The collective efforts of all involved have been instrumental in creating this beacon of hope and assistance for nannies in times of need.

Please consider donating to the fund today. Your donations will go straight into the hands of nannies who need it most.

Nanny Relief Fund provides:

Resources and educational materials to guide nannies through challenging times.

Support in managing overwhelming medical expenses.

Guidance for nannies paid 'under the table' or as independent contractors (1099).

Help with rent payments during difficult periods.

Aid for unexpected and burdensome expenses following the loss of a loved one.

Here's a comprehensive list of reasons how nannies  experience financial hardship, both within the industry and in their day-to-day lives:

Sudden Loss of Income: Nannies may unexpectedly lose their jobs due to changes in their employers' circumstances, such as relocation, financial difficulties, or changes in family dynamics.

Restrictions on Personal Life: Some nannies face demands to restrict their personal activities or social interactions to meet employers' expectations, which can be more stringent than what the employers themselves follow.

Unsafe Working Conditions: Nannies might face requests to work in environments that don't adhere to safety standards or personal comfort levels.

Health Risks and Lack of Support: Nannies risk exposure to illnesses in the workplace and may lack support or job security if they become ill.

Work-Life Balance Challenges: Nannies often struggle to balance their professional responsibilities with personal commitments, including caring for their own children or family members.

Financial Hardships: Nannies often face financial burdens like managing rent, medical bills, car maintenance, or unexpected expenses due to life events.

Living Arrangement Conflicts: Nannies with roommates or family members may face difficulties balancing the safety and health needs of their living situation with their employers' requirements.

Employment Stability: The nature of nanny work can be unstable, with nannies experiencing job insecurity due to various factors such as economic downturns, changes in employer preferences, or relocation.

Legal and Ethical Dilemmas: Nannies are sometimes placed in situations where they must choose between their job and adhering to legal or ethical standards.

Emotional and Mental Stress: The demanding nature of nanny work, coupled with personal and professional challenges, can lead to significant emotional and mental stress.

Since March of 2020, the Nanny Relief Fund has seen an incredible outpouring of support, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to aid nannies facing financial hardship. This remarkable achievement has been made possible through the generous contributions of individuals and organizations within the industry, including nannies, families, agencies, and payroll companies. Their collective generosity underscores a deep commitment to the wellbeing of nannies and highlights the strength and solidarity of our community in times of need.

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