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When families receive the support they need, a harmonious work/life balance naturally emerges. The key lies in assembling the right team, and it all begins with finding the perfect household teammate. At the heart of our mission is a deep passion for laying this foundational support. In fact, it's more than just our job - it's our life's work.

We recognize that choosing a caregiver is one of the most significant decisions you'll make for your family, involving numerous considerations. It's a choice that extends far beyond any item on your baby registry. This person will be the one to love, cherish, inspire, and nurture your child in your absence. For a decision of this magnitude, enlisting the help of professionals is a wise step- and we're here for it.

At Triangle Nannies, we simplify your search by meticulously finding, vetting, and handpicking exceptionally qualified candidates that not only meet your requirements but exceed our own high standards. Our expertise lies in knowing the best in the field. We're immersed in the world where exceptional caregivers thrive — we're present in their communities, engaged in their learning spaces, and always in tune with their world. Our role is to seamlessly facilitate your introductions and interviews, while ensuring you have the final decision.

The moment you discover your perfect match, it feels like a profound sigh of relief. We cherish that moment of connection and the joyful journey that follows.

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Excited to move forward? Great!

Let's start with getting a few frequently asked questions out of the way!

We understand that you're here because you need help, and we want you to know that we genuinely care about your concerns. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible support, so please take a moment to review our FAQs to see how we can assist you better.


Where is your team located?

Our team is located right here in North Carolina. Most of us (including our founder and her family) are located in Raleigh but we’re spread out across Durham, Chapel Hill, and Shelby.


What’s the next step if we want to get started with a search?

1. Fill out a family form.
2. Schedule your initial chat with our team.
3. We'll send out engagement documents for your signature and fulfillment.
4. You'll book your next meeting with our team (usually 1-1.5 hours long).
5. We'll craft your job listing and submit for your approval.
6. We'll begin sussing out a list of candidates for your review!


Do I have to exclusively work with your agency if I list a position through you?

Not at all! That being said, many of our clients exclusively work with our team in finding their nannies and caregivers. We'll have an open discussion with you about your own recruitment efforts as we engage with your family.


Can Triangle Nannies help us find a caregiver with specific qualifications?

Absolutely! We're more than happy to list your job opening, incorporating any specific qualifications you need, whether it's fluency in Spanish, an LPN certification, or experience working with children or adults with disabilities.


Is Triangle Nannies able to accommodate short-term placements?

Our firm is able to work with your family on almost any request. We have a dedicated team of back-up care providers who can step in to fill a need almost immediately and also have access to a pool of caregivers who prefer to work shorter commitment positions for us.

Fill out our family form and schedule a call to learn more!

Here’s how it works: 

1. Fill out our Family Form

Begin by filling out a brief preliminary form, and our team will promptly get in touch with you. We're keen on discussing your needs to ensure that our team aligns well with what you're looking for — and equally, to confirm that you're the right match for our candidates. The more details you provide in the form, the more productive our conversation will be.

Our introductory calls are scheduled for 30 minutes, so we encourage you to come prepared with any questions you might have!

2. Meet the Team

Let's connect! We believe in the importance of deeply understanding who you are before facilitating such important introductions. Every family we work with is unique, and we tailor our search to meet your specific needs. The intricacies of this industry require a nuanced approach. The more time we spend getting to know each other, the better the match we can secure for you – and we have plenty of data to support this approach.

We're eager to meet your children, understand your household's rhythm, greet your pets (if you have any), and discuss how we can best support you on this journey and throughout our partnership. There will be ample opportunity for you to ask us any questions. It's important for us to ensure everyone is on the same page as we embark on our search together.

3. The Search Begins

You'll receive a vibrant and honest job description that clearly outlines your requirements while showcasing the unique qualities of your family. This approach is designed to attract the perfect nannies and household staff to your home, capturing the essence of your household to ensure a perfect match. And while it may seem like magic when the right candidates appear, it's actually the result of years of dedicated effort in building our extensive network. We focus on identifying candidates who are not only highly qualified and thoroughly vetted but also align with your family’s values and lifestyle. You'll soon begin to receive comprehensive portfolios of potential candidates for review.

Many of our nannies have longstanding relationships with our clients and rely solely on us for their job searches. This trust has helped us maintain an active and robust pool of candidates, ensuring we always have a variety of exceptional choices for your family.

Read our FAQ

4. Interviews and Offer

Our team is here to facilitate the interview process with your top candidates, guiding you through each step until you're ready to make an offer. We provide state-of-the-art templates to streamline your offer process. We suggest starting with a virtual interview, followed by a more comprehensive in-person meeting. It's common for our clients to arrange a trial period or share a meal with potential candidates before making a final decision (our nannies often appreciate this approach too, as it's important to remember that interviews are a two-way street).

We'll be there to assist you during the negotiation phase and will join you in celebrating when you find the perfect match. But our support doesn't end there – we'll continue to be by your side during the onboarding process and through regular check-ins. Plus, you'll benefit from unlimited backup care and a one-year replacement policy. We're committed to the connections we help forge and stand by every introduction we make.

You can count on us.

At Triangle Nannies, our seasoned placement team is renowned for its emotional intelligence, exceptional educational credentials, extensive experience in the field, and unwavering commitment to excellence. We take pride in deeply integrating ourselves into the communities we serve, not only by organizing educational events and social gatherings but also through our active participation in the industry at both national and international levels. We're always eager to share the impactful work our CEO is doing within the industry – feel free to ask us about it!

Our reputation in the industry is built on:

Our close relationships with a pool of exceptionally well-vetted candidates.

Taking a deep dive into work history, track record, and personality fit.

Extensive reference checks where we ask the hard questions (and lots of them).

Exhaustive background checks.

Industry involvement on a hyperlocal, national, and global level.

Our exceptional local trainings for nannies.

Families in search of the perfect match will receive:

Leadership Team meet & greets.

Customized, attractive job descriptions that stand out and gain connection.

Access to our knowledge base regarding local (and relocation) talent.

Close access to our amazing Placement Team.

Comprehensive interview guides designed to streamline and simplify the process.

Expertly crafted employment templates for clear offer letters, regularly updated with the assistance of some of the nation's top attorneys.

A rock solid NDA template + separation document.

Upon successful matching, you will receive:

Regular check-ins.

Unlimited assistance with back-up care.

A one-year replacement policy.

Unlimited access to consulting.

The ability to request the most current iterations of our hiring documents.

Updates concerning industry relevant events.

Oh, yeah- and access to the BEST household employees in the Triangle region, hands down.
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Our Services

Your home is not just a living space, but a cherished sanctuary. We have a profound understanding of what it takes to ensure its smooth and harmonious operation.

Energetic, safe, and engaging care for your kids so that you can rest assured that they are loving life, learning, and are safe and sound while you get the quality time you need with them that matters most.

*Contact us about a 2024 Summer Nanny NOW!*

We offer top rated family assistants and household managers who help with childcare, home management, and personal assistant needs, in a blended role that makes every day a little smoother. Ok, A LOT smoother.

For in-home schooling, private education, and learning support- our private educators ensure your children experience first-rate learning and achieve benchmarks to develop the skills they need.

Our newborn professionals are highly trained for the newest and tiniest members of your family. We help you rest and reclaim your routine, while your little bundle is in expert hands. These placements book quickly, so contact us with as much notice as possible before your little one arrives earthside.

Looking for someone to come in and love on YOU and the baby once your newest addition arrives? Look no further. We highly recommend a sunrise service- around 5a your doula will arrive and relieve you from baby duty, clean up from the night before, start some laundry, make you breakfast, and hang out with your little one while you catch some rest! These placements book quickly, so contact us with as much notice as possible before your little one arrives earthside.

Are you a kid-free household looking for an assistant for all the day to day things? Personal assistants can do everything from manage the household to helping with the inner workings of your business.

Do you or your parents need some assistance in their day-to-day lives? We'd love to help introduce you to a magnificent human who can help you bridge this gap!

Looking for an amazing teammate who helps with the day-to-day flow and cleanliness of your household? All things organization, balance, and detail- our housekeepers aid in running a tight ship!

We’re big advocates for the caregivers we work with- and they count on that.

We're able to provide access to the best of the best because we hold high standards and represent generous families who are willing to offer competitive compensation packages.  

Here are a few things our talent has learned to expect from working with us and our clients:

Competitive pay. 

5 paid sick days.

Health stipends and/or reimbursements are usually offered.

Unlimited support from our team after hire!

Two weeks of PTO. 

Guaranteed hours. 

Access to additional income through our back-up care opportunities!

Major holidays paid off.

Community & Education