Personal Assistants

How do we define a personal assistant?

A personal assistant, often abbreviated as PA, is a professional who assists an individual with their daily business or personal tasks, providing administrative and organizational support. This role varies greatly within our clientele- but is a favorite amongst DINK* entrepreneurs!

These positions offer between $25-40+/hr depending on the needs of the clients and experience of the personal assistant.

Triangle Personal Assistants are known for being:

Brilliant, detail-oriented, and direct.

Able to bring a strong sense of calm into our clients’ homes and businesses.

Organized and resourceful.

Great multi-taskers.

Patient, adaptable, and reliable.

What falls into the Personal Assistant bucket?

Administrative Tasks: Managing schedules and calendars, arranging appointments, making phone calls, handling email correspondence, and organizing files.

Communication Management: Acting as the first point of contact, handling phone calls, mail, and email inquiries.

Travel Arrangements: Planning and organizing travel, including flights, accommodations, transportation, and itinerary management.

Event Planning: Assisting with the organization of events, meetings, or social gatherings, including venue selection, guest lists, and catering.

Personal Errands: Running personal errands such as shopping, picking up dry cleaning, and managing household tasks.

Financial Tasks: Managing budgets, expenses, and possibly handling bill payments or basic bookkeeping.

Liaising with Other Staff: Coordinating with other staff members or professionals such as housekeepers, nannies, or business colleagues.

Confidentiality Maintenance: Handling sensitive or confidential information with discretion.

Project Management: Overseeing personal projects, following up on tasks, and ensuring completion.

Lifestyle Management: Assisting with various aspects of personal life, which could range from making restaurant reservations to providing fashion advice or health and wellness tips.

Our personal assistant positions see higher turnover if they offer less than 30 hours per week. Full time positions average 2-3 years of retention. 

Our process is simple:

1. Fill out our application here.

2. We’ll schedule a chat with you to make sure we’re a great fit for your needs. 

3. We’ll meet with you to understand your family and needs.

4. We search for your perfect match.

5. We introduce you to candidates.

6. You pull together your hiring templates and make an offer.

7. We support you after the hire!

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